Project Pablo's Hypnotic Pulse

Canadian DJ and producer Project Pablo captured ears around Asia with his tasteful selection of sounds.


In 2015, Patrick Holland aka Project Pablo released his first full-length album, ‘I Want To Believe,’ that smoothly blends a lo-fi mood with subtle eccentricities. Covering a wide spectrum of dance music sub-genres, Project Pablo’s sound can chill you out or get you up and dancing. Last January, he hopped on the decks of house-head havens Pisco Bar (KL), Tuff Club (SG) Contra (Seoul), and WWW X (Tokyo).

Tuff Club, Singapore

Tuff Club, Singapore


His latest remix of Formal Disco by Amtrac invokes the spirit of 90’s house, while his latest album Come To Canada You Will Like It is a record that reflects slowing down while keeping with the pace. It is about finding a balance between rural and city living, between the quiet and the buzz.

Listen to the tasty beats of Come To Canada You Will Like It below: