Matrixxman Lands in Asia This September!

After releases on Dekmantel, Delft, Planet Rhythm, Ghostly International and charging up the clubs and festivals in the West, techno futurist Matrixxman lands in the hotspots of Asia.


Charles M Duff emerged in the scene in 2015 and has since been releasing, remixing, and reviving the thumping dark sound of depth-driven techno. Establishing his place in the sacred Berghain and played by the likes of Jeff Mills and Richie Hawtin, Charles M Duff aka Matrixxman supplies techno-heads with the fix they deserve.


Hailing from Virginia and based in San Francisco, Duff was exposed to a plethora of sounds and genres throughout his youth. From hardcore and rap as a skater to his discovery of jungle and drum & bass, the influences that created Matrixxman is diverse and widespread. His love for music grew from something casual and morphed into one that is profoundly spiritual. Beginning his career playing small clubs locally and abroad, Duff eventually gained industry attention and collaborated with like-minded musicians, including those outside of the techno scene. This broadness of taste and talent led him to co-produce Depeche Mode’s 2017 album “Spirit.”

His ascent to electronic music’s pinnacle started like many of his contemporaries: from the purchase of a synthesizer to releasing the music that many worship today.


“I’m dealing with machines, and attempting to inject [them] with some life. The whole dichotomy of being separate from machines, yet unified, is something that I’m attempting to explore.” - Matrixxman

Listen his latest release with Physical Therapy - a transformative EP called ‘Threads’ below: