Branko Brings His Special Concoction of Sounds to Asia

Last June, DJ and producer João Barbosa aka Branko toured the hottest spots in Asia delivering a breath of fresh fire with his sophomore album, Nosso.


Two years after the release of his celebrated debut album ATLAS, Branko is back with his second album Nosso - a musical cuisine, concocted in Portugual and sourced globally. Following its launch and a tour of the West, the Lisbon musician went on to play shows in Jiro (Kuala Lumpur), DADA (Beijing), and Cakeshop (Seoul).

His knack for creating rhythmic instrumental patterns with genres from the Portuguese-speaking world, coupled with the ability to connect musically with artists from different backgrounds, allows for a new sound to emerge - one founded in the magic of collaboration.


“I didn’t know most of the collaborators before meeting up with them in a studio somewhere in the world, so most of these songs are coming from a very immediate and honest sense of collaboration where you spend an afternoon with someone, learning about each other at the same time as you’re making music. It’s a shared experience that they probably wouldn’t have had if they were in their comfort zone.” - Branko


Nosso (which means “ours”) is a reflection of Branko’s ongoing musical explorations and his vision of Lisbon as a privileged cultural hub. He fuses genres with a pop sensibility and an aim towards a unified sound, resulting in his own unique artistic expression.

Listen to the explorative nature of Nosso below: