August Wahh

August Wahh debuted in the late 2000’s and has since become a force in the Philippine music scene, sharing the stage with the likes of Fred Wesley, FKJ, and Taylor McFerrin, and opening for Erykah Badu in a musical cypher jam. Originally from General Santos City, she moved to Manila in 2007 to study and pursue her passion and calling, collaborating with a diverse selection of musicians.

“We are born only half ourselves – the other half is our expression.” - from Roots, 2015

As a songwriter, she finds inspiration in the synergy of chaos and serenity, the brilliant and mundane. She constantly strives to convey the human experience in her art. Her latest EP with renowned producer crwn is a melodic story called Labyrinth, about bringing one’s self out of a dark place, keeping your cool, and keeping it real.

August Wahh